MannCup 2013 – Kudos to those behind the scenes

mann-cup 2013 RGB copy  (2)The 2013 Mann Cup is in the books as they say, and what a splendid event it was. For the host, the Western Lacrosse Association and it’s representative the Victoria Shamrocks, the outcome was not what we had hoped for, but the real winners in this event, other than the obvious Six Nations Chiefs, were lacrosse fans. For the WLA, as a league, there were many positives to take away.

As the Commissioner of the Western Lacrosse Association, I would like to give a shoutout to those who worked behind the scenes, often with little or no recognition.

Prior to the 2013 season, one of the goals the WLA established was to increase and enhance fan engagement. Several steps were undertaken to achieve this goal, and I am very gratified with the progress that has been made. I’ll key on some of the major steps taken.

For the Mann Cup, a dedicated website was set up. This was in addition the the WLA’s regular website  The goal was to make the added site the Number 1 information source for the event. The site went live a few days prior to the opening game, Carly Rigby Picand, as of this writing, there has been in excess of 35,000 page views. In my estimation, a stunning achievement! The Social Media Director for the WLA, Carly Rigby co-ordinated information and contributions for the site, as well as maintaining the information flow on Twitter and Facebook. The success of the initiative wildly exceeded what we set out to do, as was evidenced by the number of viewers and the large amount of the information on the site that was used by media outlets and writers all over the country. Kudos to Carly for her vision, knowledge and commitment! Game Recap contributors Ross Manson and Patrick McMillan did outstanding work during the Mann Cup, as they did during the regular season and playoffs. Their recaps were informative and entertaining. We are indebted to Judy Teasdale and Kevin Light for the photography provided to us during the series. Teddy Jenner and Stephen Stamp , both of whom write for IL Indoor, provided our readers with analysis and insight with their regular contributions and musings.

The WLA is in the second season of a partnership with Playfullscreen in providing lacrosse webcasts of WLA games and events. The Mann Cup webcasts were an enhanced version of regular season games, with improved replay capacity, shot clocks and in between period guests. Spearheading this initiative was Dave McIlroy, President of Playfullscreen. Providing the play by play for the series was Teddy Jenner. Color was provided in games 1-5 by Chris Hall,  Head Coach of the Vancouver Stealth of the NLL, and in game 6 by Kevin Alexander, an AC with the Stealth. In charge of the camera work was Bruce McIlroy.  We commend our webcast crew for their outstanding work. Feed back and comments on their work have been very positive. We thank in between period guests, Stephen Stamp , Neil Doddridge, Paul Gait, Kevin Alexander, MLA John Horgan, Duane Jacobs, Chris Welsh, Rick Lum, Ted Higgins and Chuck Miller. In summation, our expectations were exceeded, as evidenced by the large amount of viewers and the great feedback received.

Thanks again, to our sponsors, The Vancouver Stealth and also Under Armour. We look forward to a continued relationship.

I would like to give recognition to the Victoria Times-Colonist and reporter Mario Annicchiarico for continued coverage of the Mann Cup. Well done!

Casey 2011For Mann Cup 2013,  Until Mann Cup 2015!                                         Casey Cook,                                                                                               Commissioner,                                                                                           Western Lacrosse Association.



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