Mann Cup news – Monday, September 9th, 2013

After the Six Nations Chiefs pulled out a 10-8 victory on Saturday night, they tied up this year’s Mann Cup seven-game series 1-1 and reduced it to a best of five competition.

  • Sunday was a day off for teams to take a break, relax and rest up.
  • Game three goes tonight at 7pm at Bear Mountain Arena in Victoria and kicks off three consecutive nights of play.
  • As of 10am today, 139 bowl seats and 280 standing room seats were available at the Bear Mountain Box Office and online. Check our tickets page for more info about buying yours online or in person.
  • We’re getting great feedback from our PlayFullScreen Mann Cup webcasts. If you haven’t been tuning in, what’s stopping you? Teddy Jenner brings you all the action from every game. Here’s a link to get you connected.

Photo courtesy of Judy Teasdale Photography


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