Mann Cup 2013 Committee

Mann Cup CLA Convenor – Chuck Miller

WLA Commissioner and Series Co-convenor –Casey Cook

WLA Assistant Commissioner and Series Co-convenor – Sohen Gill

WLA Committee Chair – Harold Corbett

Major Series Lacrosse Commissioner – Ted Higgins

Referee-in-Chief – Rick Lum

Official – Andrew Corbould (BCLOA)

Official – Greg Pepper (BCLOA)

Official – Craig Baldridge (BCLOA)

Official – Nick Thomas (BCLOA)

Official – Mark Gordonio (OLA)

Social Media Director – Carly Rigby

Web Page and Game Recap Contributor – Ross Manson

Web Page and Game Recap Contributor – Patrick McMillan

Photography – Barb Adamski

Statistician – Shannon Sanderson

Statistician – Bill Sanderson

Awards – Janis Hucking

Awards – Len Cardiff

Awards – Sheri Hucking

Mann Cup Custodian – Brian Corbett

Webcast – –Dave McIlroy

Transportation – Reg Midgely Motors

Program – BCLA

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