Kudos on a Great MannCup2013

mann-cup 2013 RGB copy  (2)After a long and exciting series, MannCup2013 has drawn to a close. Lacrosse fans who were in Victoria, and those who watched our superb webcast production of the games, were treated to a series that was intense, highly entertaining and above all, showcased a level of play that was truly outstanding.

As Commissioner of the Western Lacrosse Association, along with Sohen Gill, as President of the BCLA and Assist. Commissioner of the WLA, we were Western Co-convenors of the Series. In that capacity, I would like to take this opportunity for some  comments and to give recognition and express appreciation to some individuals.

mslSix Nations Chiefs.pngTo the Six Nations Chiefs, congratulations on reaching the pinnacle of Lacrosse in Canada – the Mann Cup Championship.  The team was simply, marvelous. Congratulations also are in order to Cody Jamieson for winning the Under Armour  Mike Kelly Award as series MVP. To Six Nations General Manager Duane Jacobs and, to Head Coach Rich Kilgour, who I know and have come to admire in previous Mann Cup competitions, and his coaching staff, well done – my congratulations.

Official WLA Logo 02Shamrocks LogoTo the Victoria Shamrocks, in winning the WLA Championship and thus hosting the Mann Cup, at all levels, the organization did an incredible job,  not only in the competition, but also the work in staging the Mann Cup. The hard work over the years, in establishing and maintaining connections and goodwill in the community, was integral to the success of the series.  Jim Hartshorne– President,  Chris Welsh-General Manager,  and Paul German– Executive Director,  headed a group of the people who worked  incredibly hard and they were all instrumental in the success of the series. To Head Coach Bob Heyes, Assistant Coaches Art Webster, Jordan Sundher and Dave Lowden,  a group that I liaised with on a per game basis, hats off to  a great season  and a splendid show in the Mann Cup.

To Chuck Miller, who brings 13 years of experience  as the CLA Convenor of the Mann Cup, our appreciation for a job well done!

To Sohen Gill, whose experience and capacity for an incredible work load, congratulations on being the driving force in the logistics and arrangements which allowed the series to reach a high level of excellence.

To Referee-in-Chief, Rick Lum, who did a great job in coordinating the scheduling and work done by on floor officials Greg Pepper, Craig Baldridge, Andrew Corbould and Nick Thomas, all of the BCLOA, and Mark Gardonio of the OLA.

To Harold Corbett, our WLA Committee Chair, who headed the logistical operations in Victoria, which included a long list of necessary arrangements – well done!

To Paul German, Executive Director for the Shamrocks, who headed the considerable work in promoting and managing ticket sales. Each and every game was a sellout! Thanks to Paul and his group for work well done. Thanks also to the large amount of volunteers needed to make an event like the Mann Cup reach success.

To my counter-part, the Major Series Lacrosse Commissioner, Ted Higgins, a long-time friend and a true gentleman, it was great to work with him again. Ted was the liaison for the Six Nations Chiefs on all matters.

stealth_adUnder-Armour-LacrosseTo our Sponsors, the Vancouver Stealth and to Under Armour, our appreciation, and we look forward to working together in the future. Best wishes to the Stealth for a great season. Our appreciation goes to Reg Midgely Motors for  providing ground transportation.                                                                                                                 

To the BCLA, our thanks for the expertise and myriad of services and resources they provide. Also to the CLA, for the services in sanctioning the event.

To the many many fans who came to Bear Mountain Arena, our sincere thanks for your unwavering support of Canada’s National Summer Sport – Lacrosse.

In a follow up post I will be recognizing a group of people who worked extremely hard on the MannCup2013 Social Media, webcast production and fan engagement initiatives.

Casey 2011Regards,                                                                                                    Casey Cook,                                                                                               Commissioner,                                                                                           Western Lacrosse Association.


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